Phoenix Mecano AG

Phoenix Mecano is a globally positioned technology company in the fields of enclosures and industrial components and a leader in many markets. Focused on professional and cost-effective manufacturing of niche products, it ensures that processes and connections in the machine industry and industrial electronics function smoothly. Areas of application for the products include: Mechanical and plant engineering, measurement and control technology, medical technology, aerospace technology, alternative energies, residential and care sector.

In Switzerland, Phoenix Mecano is represented at two locations. Stein am Rhein is home to the holding company's headquarters and Phoenix Mecano Solutions AG, which distributes all the products of Phoenix Mecano's various subsidiaries in Switzerland. Phoenix Mecano AG has its headquarters in Kloten, Canton Zurich, at Lindenstrasse 23. Operational management of the entire Group is carried out from here. The structure has always been very lean. Operational responsibility lies with the divisional managers and the managing directors of the individual subsidiaries.

Since going public in 1988, Phoenix Mecano has focused on the interests of long-term investors. As before, there is only the category of bearer shares, no restrictions on transfer-ability and no restrictions on voting rights. The Group primarily finances its growth with the cash flow it has generated continuously since its foundation. Funds not required for internal growth are returned to shareholders in the form of dividends, par value repayments and share buybacks.

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