Aluminium profiles

Aluminum profiles connect without drilling!

The aluminum profiles are cut to length and mounted. For this purpose, the profiles do not even have to be drilled, but are connected with a flange bracket without further processing. This saves assembly time and therefore costs. Over 100 different aluminum profile sizes and cross-sections can be easily assembled in this way. The aluminum profiles can be easily combined like a modular system. The most commonly used profile is the aluminum profile 40×40 mm which, like most others, is also available in a light version as "light profile". Other popular aluminum profile sizes are 40×80 mm and 80×80 mm. Lightweight aluminum profiles are often sufficient for the required loads and are often used for cost reasons. We will be happy to advise you in detail on this.

Mitarbeiter montieren Aluminiumprofile
Aluminiumprofile verbinden ohne zu Bohren mit einer Flanschleiste
Maschinenhaube aus Aluminium Konstruktionsprofile
Number of aluminium profiles

Over 100 different profile sizes and variants

Modular system

All profiles can be combined with each other

Free profile cutting

We cut the aluminum profiles to your desired length free of charge

Durable connection

Reliable due to long-time proven connection technology

3D CAD data

All profiles with accessories ready for download

High flexibility without drilling

Aluminum profiles can be subsequently moved and positioned

Connecting profiles made easy

The cut-to-size aluminum profiles can be mounted quickly and easily with a flange bracket. The flange bracket also secures the aluminum profiles against twisting and is easy to position. Subsequent shifting is also possible without any problems.

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The product finder helps you to find the suitable aluminium profiles and the product data. You can find the load data in the catalogue. In addition to the catalogue, you can also find the 3D CAD data. We divide the aluminium profile system into three areas. The construction profiles with their fastening grooves, the functional profiles and the heavy-duty profiles. The programme is complemented by the cable duct system.


Benefit from our services at our premises. From cutting to finished assemblies

CAD Konstruktion mit Aluminiumprofilen
Aluminiumprofil zuschneiden an einer Sägemaschine
Profile cutting
CNC Bearbeitung eines Aluminiumprofils
Mechanical processing
Aluminiumprofile gelb lackiert
Schwarz eloxierte Aluprofile
Mitarbeiter montieren Aluminiumprofile
CAD Konstruktion mit Aluminiumprofilen

Engineering aluminum profile system

Development and CAD design with all technical features and preparation of the parts list.

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Aluminiumprofil zuschneiden an einer Sägemaschine

Cutting aluminum profiles to size

We cut the profiles to your desired lengths free of charge

CNC Bearbeitung eines Aluminiumprofils

Mechanical processing

Milling and drilling of aluminum profiles. Cutting of panel elements and partitions. Milling of special parts and adapter plates.

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Aluminiumprofile gelb lackiert

Painting of aluminum profiles

Painting of aluminum profiles in standard RAL or Pantone colors.

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Schwarz eloxierte Aluprofile

anodizing aluminum profiles

To give the aluminum profiles an exclusive touch, we can also anodize the profiles in black.

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Mitarbeiter montieren Aluminiumprofile

complete assembly assemblies

For 90% of our customers we supply complete assembled sub-assemblies such as machine frames, machine enclosures or protective grids.

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Solutions from aluminum profiles

The applications made of aluminum profiles are almost limitless. 90% of our orders leave our company as completely assembled subassemblies.
Why Phoenix Mecano

This is why you should choose the aluminum profile assembly system from us:

Free profile cutting

We cut the profiles to your desired length free of charge

Direct communication

Direct communication between your engineers and our experienced designers


Tailor-made solutions to your requirements and environment

Short delivery times

Local production with broad in-house manufacturing


Satisfied customers for a long lasting partnership

One partner

One contact for your complete order

Your contact person

Are you interested in a solution with aluminium profiles? Please contact us or send us your draft.

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Project Manager Profile Technology
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Blocan Aluminium Profilsystem
Blocan Aluminium Profilsystem

Blocan aluminium profile system

ARIS base frame from ETH Zurich
Blocan aluminium profile system
Base frame rocket engine test stand ARIS from ETH Zurich
Support structure for pipelines, valves, tanks and motor
Modularity for the test stand through basic aluminium profile construction
Grundgestell einer Quiltmaschine aus 40x40mm Aluprofilen
Grundgestell einer Quiltmaschine aus 40x40mm Aluprofilen

Base frame for quilting machine

Base frame with aluminum profile 40x40mm
Procurement and production of all components and packaging
Packing as a kit in final packaging for delivery to customers
Batch tracking
LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem mit Einpressstation
LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem mit Einpressstation

Assembly workstation with turntable

Assembly workstation and turntable with lifting columns allows the employee to work in a standing or sitting position
MABAG electric screwdriver with torque monitoring
Tool arranged on swiveling tool holder
Substantial space savings and no more walking due to the arrangement of the presses on a turntable
Trennende Schutzeinrichtung aus Aluminiumprofilen
Trennende Schutzeinrichtung aus Aluminiumprofilen

Protective grid with closed profile slot

Protective grid painted red to match the corporate color
Clamping profiles 2-sided closed profiles as design requirement and for the reduction of residual contamination
Protective grille individually adapted to the shape of the machine
Maschinengestell mit schwenkbaren Türen aus Plexiglas
Maschinengestell mit schwenkbaren Türen aus Plexiglas

Machine frame with casing

Frame with 30x30mm aluminum profile closed at one side
Folding door with gas pressure spring
Folding doors made of bent aluminum profile and plexiglass
Swiveling side doors
Production of mounting plates and surface elements
Color is painted individually from one order to another
Complete assembly of the housing