Smart production

We offer solutions that help you produce even more successfully. Smart Factory Assembly not only means integrating a wide variety of tools in production processes, but also intelligent networking and digitalization.

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Foto Samuel Viana
Samuel Viana
Projektleiter Sales / Engineering Profiltechnik
Project manager Sales / Engineering profile technology
Responsable de projet Sales / Engineering Technique des profilés
+41 52 742 75 73
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Foto Lukas Hänni
Lukas Hänni
Projektleiter Sales Profiltechnik / LEAN Production
Project Manager Sales Profile Technology / LEAN Production
Responsable de projet Sales Technique de profilés / LEAN Production
+41 52 742 75 04
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Foto Michele Damiano
Michele Damiano
Teamleiter / Projektleiter Sales Profiltechnik
Team Leader / Project Manager Sales Profile Technology
Chef d’équipe / Responsable de projet Sales Technique des profilés
+41 52 742 75 40
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LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem mit Einpressstation
LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem mit Einpressstation

Assembly workstation with turntable

Assembly workstation and turntable with lifting columns allows the employee to work in a standing or sitting position
MABAG electric screwdriver with torque monitoring
Tool arranged on swiveling tool holder
Substantial space savings and no more walking due to the arrangement of the presses on a turntable
Montagearbeitsplatz mit Pick by Light System
Montagearbeitsplatz mit Pick by Light System

Assembly workstation with pick by light system

Workstation built with 40x40 mm aluminum profiles
Integrated press fit device
Holding and tilting device for ergonomic mounting
Pick by Light System guides the employee through the assembly process
The Pick by Light sensor shows the employee which component he has to assemble next and in which box the component is located