Frontfolie im Digitaldruck
Frontfolie im Digitaldruck
Front foil

Front foil – The business card of the device

Front foils are used to protect the surface of devices, machines and systems. At the same time, they can be used to create lettering, logos or other design elements according to your wishes. Just as with our membrane keypads, a front foil can be printed or embossed using various processes. Depending on the customer's requirements, an adhesive layer with or without a cutout is applied to the back. There are almost no limits to the design possibilities.

Frontfolie im Digitaldruck
Frontfolie im Digitaldruck

Reliable protection against dirt and water

Number of pieces

Front foils are supplied in quantities as low as 10 pieces


Free choice of design and colors

Structure membrane keypad

How is a membrane keypad constructed?

The classic membrane keybpad consists of about six to eight levels, of which only the top level, the "front foil" (decorative foil), is visible in the later application. This front foil is manufactured individually according to your specifications. Depending on the technology, there are further layers underneath. The bottom layer is an adhesive layer for attaching the membrane keypad to the enclosure, for example. Different adhesive layers are available for this purpose, which are used depending on the nature of the surface and the substrate. In the middle of the different layers is the actual "heart" of the membrane keypad, the snap dome. It provides tactile feedback and ensures that the function selected by the user is transmitted to the electronics.

Aufbau einer Folientastatur in den verschiedenen Schichten
Aufbau einer Folientastatur in den verschiedenen Schichten

Membrane keypad technologies

The right choice of membrane keypad technology for every application

Membrane keypad and enclosure from a single source

Of course, a membrane keypad also needs a suitable enclosure. If you can't find a suitable enclosure from the large number of standard enclosures, or if you want to stand out with a customized design, we offer the possibility for a special enclosure. These are also designed and developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Phoenix Mecano's own global production facilities. We deliver the complete operating unit of enclosure and keypad ready to function from the initial design to the finished device.

Project current

How to make your input system a complete success

Würfel Icon Idea / Concept

Send a sketch, CAD data or we visit you on site and record the requirements

Pinsel Icon Engineering

Construction with all technical features, buttons, colors and shape

Haken Icon Approval

Approval by the client and “good to print”

Pfeil Icon Production pilot series

Production of the pilot series. On request with initial sample test report

Lastwagen Icon Series production

Production of membrane keypads or input units

Schleife Icon Assembly on housing

Mounting of the membrane keypad on an housing or front panel

After the feasibility check and the quotation phase, our specialists create a detailed release drawing (good for printing) with all relevant data of your membrane keypad. This drawing shows materials, color definitions (in RAL or Pantone) as well as the conductor paths and the electrical circuit diagram. During this phase, any changes you wish to make can be incorporated into the design without incurring any costs. After approval we start the production of the pilot series.

Ideally we like to combine our membrane keypads directly with one of our enclosures to a complete operating unit. If this cut is made directly by us, you can be sure that the membrane keypad has been assembled correctly and you will not have any rejects due to possible assembly errors. In addition, your stock-keeping is reduced.

Why Phoenix Mecano

This is why you should choose a membrane keypad from us

Direct communication

Your engineers speak directly with our experienced designers


Membrane switches and front membranes have been our core business for 40 years

Innovative technologies

The right technology for every application

Complete solution

Enclosure, membrane keypad and display from a single source


Tailor-made solutions to your requirements


Very specific knowledge of input systems and knowledge of possible hazards

Your contact person

Contact us if you are interested in a membrane keypad or a customised touch screen solution.

Foto Michael Ebert
Michael Ebert
Konstruktion / Projektleiter Sales Folientastaturen und elektrotechnische Komponenten
Design / Project Manager Sales Membrane Keypads and Electrotechnical Components
Construction / Responsable de projet Sales Claviers à membrane et composants électrotechniques
+41 52 742 75 63
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Individuell entwickeltes Spritzgussgehäuse mit einer Folientastatur
Individuell entwickeltes Spritzgussgehäuse mit einer Folientastatur

Injection-molded housing with membrane keypad

Development of the special housing in injection molding
Construction of the membrane keypad
Production of prototypes in 3D printing for tests
Production of the injection molding tool
Series production of housing and membrane keypad
Handgehäuse mit Folientastatur, Display und zwei Joysticks
Handgehäuse mit Folientastatur, Display und zwei Joysticks
Bopla Logo

Membrane keypad with display

BoPad hand-held casing with membrane keypad and display
Front cover mechanically machined for joystick, display, and membrane keypad cable
Membrane keypad with profiline technology for a strong feel
Front foil with cutout for display
Aluminium Druckgussgehäuse blau und grau lackiert mit Folientastatur
Aluminium Druckgussgehäuse blau und grau lackiert mit Folientastatur

Die-cast aluminum housing with membrane keypads

Tool making and series production of the die-cast components
2-color painting of the die-cast parts
Manufacturing of the membrane keypad with display window
Complete assembly of the parts incl. mounting of the membrane keypad
Folientastatur mit Displayfenster auf einem Handgehäuse
Folientastatur mit Displayfenster auf einem Handgehäuse
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Membrane keypad with hand-held case

Design and development of the membrane keypad
Membrane keypad with LEDs and display window
Manufacturing of the membrane keypad
Mechanical processing of hand-held case
Fitting of the keypad on enclosure