Industrial stairs conforming to standards

Industrial stairs and landings – from simple to sophisticated

Whether large and complex or small and simple our industrial stairs, working platforms and industrial railings made of aluminum comply with the load and safety guidelines EN 1991-1-1 and DIN EN ISO 141221 as well as the accident prevention regulation (UVV) DIN 24530. And not only that. Our aluminum constructions also score points over welded systems. They are significantly lighter and quicker to assemble with comparable stability. Above all, they are flexibly adaptable. Existing staircases and landings can be modified easily and without a great deal of time and effort and, unlike welding, without leaving any residue. This makes our industrial staircase and working platform system particularly suitable for areas where cleanliness is a key criterion.

Hohe Arbeitsbühne mit Treppe und Geländer für eine Industrieanlage
Hohe Arbeitsbühne mit Treppe und Geländer für eine Industrieanlage
From the component to the working platform

Customized working platforms with the modular system

The standardized construction elements (and available 3D files) of our industrial staircase and working platform modular system offer maximum flexibility and variability. The special feature: no mechanical processing is required during assembly! The aluminum tubes, which are cut to length, are plugged together with tube connectors – also made of aluminum and screwed together in a force-locking manner. The internal clamping mechanism of the tube connectors and special clamping screws ensure the frictional connection. Smooth contour transitions are convincing due to their pleasant feel and eliminate the risk of injury from getting caught with gloves or work clothing.

Rohrverbinder Treppengeländer
Aluminiumprofile verbinden ohne zu Bohren mit einer Flanschleiste
Arbeitsbühnen individuell aufgebaut mit Aluminiumprofilen

High stability with low weight


Quick change principle for easy access


Standard-compliant industrial railings and working platforms


Wide range of standard components

Quick change principle for fast access

Work or machine areas that previously required additional securing can now be made accessible with the ITAS Quick change principle, if required, in just a few steps and without the need for time-consuming use of tools. The quick-change system ensures easier and faster assembly and disassembly of elements compared to conventional industrial guardrail systems. The cumbersome removal of entire railing segments is no longer necessary, for example for loading or unloading with a forklift.

Rohrverbinder mit Schnellwechslersystem
Rohrverbinder mit Schnellwechslersystem
Services and project procedure

From the idea to the working platform

Würfel Icon Idea / concept

Send a sketch, CAD data, or we will visit you on site and establish your requirements

Pinsel Icon Engineering

CAD design with all technical features and preparation of the parts list. Approval by the client

Zahnrad Icon Manufacturing

Special painting, cutting of surface elements and profiles, production of special parts and adapter plates

Schleife Icon Assembly

Building of the complete assembly at our premises. Acceptance by the client when required

Lastwagen Icon Assembly on site

Delivery of the assembly. On-site assembly upon customer request

From simple stairs with railings to large access-secured working platforms with ascents and transitions; we realize your industrial stairs or working platform precisely according to your wishes. We check your specifications for feasibility and advise you on possible optimizations. If you wish, we will accompany you from the initial idea to the installation on site, take care of the color design of the staircase or platform construction and adapt it precisely to the conditions on site.

Why Phoenix Mecano

This is why you should choose our industrial stairs and working platforms

Direct communication

Your engineers speak directly with our experienced designers

Short ways

We are on site and with you in the shortest possible time

Short delivery times

Local production with broad in-house manufacturing


Working platforms and stairs made of aluminum profiles for 40 years


Tailor-made solutions to your requirements and environment

After Sales

We are also there for you at any time after delivery

Your contact person

Please send us your draft or STEP file to get an offer or contact one of our specialists for a personal meeting to your company.

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Michele Damiano
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Team Leader / Project Manager Sales Profile Technology
Chef d’équipe / Responsable de projet Sales Technique des profilés
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Maschinenpodest Aus Aluminiumprofilen und Rohrverbindern
Maschinenpodest Aus Aluminiumprofilen und Rohrverbindern

Machine platform with railing and access stairs

Construction of the platforms and stairs
Pedestal platform moves with the plant
Access stairs with door and safety switch
Hohe Arbeitsbühne mit Treppe und Geländer für eine Industrieanlage
Hohe Arbeitsbühne mit Treppe und Geländer für eine Industrieanlage

Work platform for industrial facility

Stable base frame made of aluminum profiles
Railing with ITAS pipe connectors with internal clamping system
Work platform with several platform levels
Aussentreppe mit blauen Schutzgittern
Aussentreppe mit blauen Schutzgittern

Outdoor staircase with blue protective grids

Perforated aluminum sheet non-slip steps
Protective grid painted blue
Stairs adapted to existing beam supports
Industrietreppe mit Geländer an einer Pulverbeschichtungsanlage
Industrietreppe mit Geländer an einer Pulverbeschichtungsanlage

Industrial staircase Powder coating facility

Railing with ITAS pipe connectors with internal clamping system
Aluminum steps from the standard components
Railing on the back aligned with the contour of the plant