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Swiss Lean Award 2023

Benefit from our lean experience, which was honoured with the Swiss Lean Award 2023!

LEAN live workshop

LEAN workshops can be found everywhere, but how about:

  • You can set up the assembly process live in One Piece Flow with your product?
  • We provide you with an assembly island and material for the assembly?
  • You eliminate any waste discovered immediately in the production process?
  • At the end of the day you were able to reduce assembly time and lead time?
  • You know approximately how high the productivity increase can be for your product?

Then our LEAN workshop is just right for you!

The goal of the workshop is to reduce your assembly time, shorten the lead time and thus increase productivity. To achieve this, the existing knowledge of your employees about the assembly process is enormously important for its optimization. Together we uncover waste (muda's) and eliminate them!

Teilnehmer baut einen Aufbau mit Cardboard Engineering
Teilnehmer baut einen Aufbau mit Cardboard Engineering
Content and procedure workshop

Content and procedure LEAN Workshop for optimized assembly process

Costs LEAN Workshop for your optimized production process

The goal of the 1 -2 day workshop is to increase your productivity by at least 20%.
The workshop costs CHF1'500 per team and day, consisting of max. 6 employees from your company.

So no risk‒what are you waiting for?

Contact us now!
Why Phoenix Mecano

Through the LEAN workshop at our company, you benefit several times over

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Guaranteed at least 20% increase in productivity

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It is not a business game, we work with your product in real life

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Immediate detection of waste

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Optimizations are immediately tested for suitability

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You experience the improvement first hand

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You know the savings at the end of the day

“The support and advice received from Phoenix Mecano throughout the project was very professional. I also thought the LEAN Live Workshop at Phoenix Mecano was great. We have learned a lot, which will also benefit future projects.”
Beat Messerli
Bieri Hydraulik AG
LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem mit Einpressstation

LEAN live workshop assists in increasing productivity by up to 40%

In a LEAN workshop, the new assembly process was defined with the customer according to LEAN principles, and built and optimized with Cardboard Engineering.
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LEAN Montagelinie mit Arbeitsplätzen aus Aluminiumprofilen und Pick-by-light Werkerassistenzsystem

Pick by Light for high variant diversity and small batch sizes

With an assembly workstation with Pick-by-Light system developed in the LEAN workshop, absolutely error-free assembly can be guaranteed despite the high number of variants and small batch sizes.
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Your contact person

Are you interested in a LEAN workshop with your product? Please contact us.

Foto Lukas Hänni
Lukas Hänni
Projektleiter Sales Profiltechnik / LEAN Production
Project Manager Sales Profile Technology / LEAN Production
Responsable de projet Sales Technique de profilés / LEAN Production
+41 52 742 75 04
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FAQ'S LEAN workshop

FAQs‒The most frequently asked questions about the LEAN Workshop

What distinguishes the LEAN-live workshop from all other LEAN workshops?

It lives from the practical relevance. Everything revolves around your product and can be directly implemented and tested. It is not a business game, as you will find in most LEAN workshops. With us you experience productivity increase immediately on your own product.

What do I get out of the LEAN Workshop?

You have facts at the end of the day. You know how to reduce assembly times and thus increase productivity. Your employees help shape the process, because they know best where the waste is in the process. At the same time, the assembly process is also supported and accepted by the employees.

How does the LEAN workshop work?

With the support of a lean expert from us, you develop the optimum production process in the one-piece flow. In the process, waste is uncovered and improvements are implemented directly. You will quickly notice how lean production affects your productivity.

How are the ideas implemented?

In our workshop we have various assembly workstations, flow racks, crates, holders and much more, which are assembled depending on the product. Cardboard engineering is used to adapt and expand the workstations and shelves. Thus, the future workplace can be simulated and tested for suitability by your employees. Special holding devices can also be built provisionally in our workshop, if necessary. The goal is for you to see and experience how you can produce in the future. If something bothers you or is not in the right place, it will be adjusted and optimized right away until you are fully convinced.

What do I get at the end of the day?

You will receive a detailed documentation of the solutions worked out. If you wish, we can also calculate the target price for this LEAN workstation made of our aluminum profiles from RK ROSE + KRIEGER. Thus, you can estimate the payback time based on the shortened lead time and have a sound basis for further decisions.

What else is there?

You can access our equipment consisting of standard modules for workstations, tools and material for cardboard engineering throughout the day. You will be supervised throughout the day by an experienced LEAN expert from our team. In addition, if necessary, a person from the design department is available to be called in for critical issues. If your product requires complex material sourcing or bolting processes, we will request a specialist from our partner companies SFS Unimarket or MABAG AG to assist you. You will be provided with drinks, snacks and lunch.