Making a secure connection

The areas of application for our PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors are extremely diverse. From automation technology, safety technology and telecommunications to building automation, our products can be used.

Special designs of PCB terminals and PCB connectors such as special lengths for solder pins, different colors, partially assembled PCB terminals, marking with pad printing, ink jet printing or laser marking are part of the scope of supply as well as the delivery of assemblies, completely assembled PCBs with or without pre-assembled cables and of PCB terminals and pin strips in blister tapes, tubes or on trays.

Printed circuit board terminal blocks

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Connect your lead wire directly to the printed circuit board

PCB terminals are divided into two groups, screw terminals and spring terminals, and at PTR HARTMANN include metric and imperial pitch dimensions from 2.5 mm up to 12.24 mm. Different connection principles e.g. the lift principle used for connections that need to be released frequently to the time-saving and innovative push-in technology - our VDE and cURus certified product portfolio covers all requirements.

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Printed circuit board connectors

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Simple plug-in connection for fast interchangeability

PCB connectors from PTR HARTMANN can be used as connection solutions for transmitting power, signals and data in safety engineering, automation, network monitoring or telecommunications.

Divided into screw terminals and spring-cage terminals, they are a convenient and reliable connection for your applications and are available from a pitch of 3.5 mm up to 15.14 mm.

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PIN Strips

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The counterpart to the PCB connector

Pin strips are part of a connector system. They are soldered to the printed circuit board and connected to the corresponding printed circuit board terminal, also called socket connector or plug.

PTR HARTMANN pin headers are VDE and cURus certified and available in different pin lengths and a variety of colors.

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Terminal blocks

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Wire to wire connection in the control cabinet or in the terminal box

The range of terminal blocks includes products for conductor cross-sections from 0.2 mm² to 25 mm². They can be wired with the classic screw connection or are available in the time-saving and reliable push-in technology or in the easy-to-use tension clamp principle. We offer all common products from feed-through, protective conductor, disconnect, fuse, multi-level, installation and initiator terminal blocks as well as motor connection, (knife) disconnect and direct mounting terminal blocks.

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Integrated connection technology

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Away from the standard terminal block, towards the specific solution

Integrated connection technology integrates electrical connection technology directly into the end product. One example is connection elements where the printed circuit board is connected directly via a plug-in connection. This solderless contacting means time savings in production and the elimination of error-prone manual soldering or an expensive soldering robot. By combining conductor connection technology, solderless PCB contacting and jumper contacts into a single component, electrical resistance is minimized.

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