Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated guided vehicles for your intralogistics – Phoenix Mecano is official distributor and integrator

With the driverless transport systems from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Phoenix Mecano offers you autonomous mobile robots that score points for their versatile and flexible application options and user-friendly operation. The AMR from Mobile Industrial Robots are versatile in use and free in design. For example, MiR robots can be equipped with various add-on modules developed by MiR. With these products you get a CE-certified complete solution from MiR. If there is no suitable add-on module available, we will work out an individual solution for you as an integrator, so that the application is designed exactly for your application requirements. It does not matter whether you are looking for an application for the industry or the health care sector.

Our goal is economic automation and an increase in productivity in your intralogistics. The mobile robots often achieve a payback within the first year.

Ein fahrerloses Transportsystem transportiert ein Regal in einem Industriebetrieb
Ein fahrerloses Transportsystem transportiert ein Regal in einem Industriebetrieb
Increase productivity
Cost reduction
Payback in 1-2 years
Transports are not value adding
Relief of the employees
Delivery and collection on time
AGV navigiert spurgebunden während der AMR den Gegenständen felxibel ausweicht
AGV navigiert spurgebunden während der AMR den Gegenständen felxibel ausweicht
Difference between AMR and AGV

What is the difference between an AMR and an AGV?

There are a lot of terms in the field of autonomous transportation systems. AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. These types of transport systems require guidance for orientation. This can take the form of rails, markings or magnetic strips embedded in the ground. They are thus bound to predefined routes.

MiR's driverless transport systems are so-called autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Compared to conventional AGVs, AMRs offer the advantage of being able to orient and navigate themselves independently by means of sensors and cameras, making them very flexible in terms of route finding. They autonomously avoid people or objects and orient themselves to a captured map of the environment. This makes AMRs the best choice for entering the world of automated guided vehicles. You do not have to make any adjustments to the infrastructure in your production.

AGV navigiert spurgebunden während der AMR den Gegenständen felxibel ausweicht
AGV navigiert spurgebunden während der AMR den Gegenständen felxibel ausweicht
Avoiding obstacles

AMR transport robots independently avoid people or objects


The AMR robot navigates autonomously through cameras and sensors

No adaptation of the infrastructure necessary

The AMR does not need any markings or rails on or in the ground for navigation


How does an AMR navigate?

Thanks to Sick laser scanners, 3D cameras and proximity sensors, no external navigation systems or guidance aids are required for navigation. Integrated collision detection ensures that the robots can work safely and efficiently in dynamic environments together with your employees. The robots avoid people and objects and orient themselves at all times to a captured environment map.
The environment map and work missions are recorded in the user-friendly and web-based software. No programming knowledge is required to operate and program the AMR. This ensures a very easy and fast implementation in your plant. The software is accessed via WLAN either from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or from a PC. The management and control of multiple AMR is done via MiR Fleet Management.

AMR Roboter holt Ware autonom im Lager ab
AMR Roboter holt Ware autonom im Lager ab
Process current

Successful implementation of autonomous mobile robots AMR

AMR products and accessories from MiR

Learn more about the AMR transport robots, add-on modules, accessories and certified add-on modules which facilitate applications.
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Our leasing offer

Our automated guided vehicles from Mobile Industrial Robots can also be leased.

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Why Phoenix Mecano

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We evaluate potential applications, together with you, directly on site

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Proof of concept

To ensure that your project is a success, we carry out a proof of concept in advance

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Everything from one source

We take care of everything! From the concept development to the integration of the certified system

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After-sales service

After the handover of the system, we will gladly take care of the service and maintenance of the system

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Did you know?
The automated guided vehicles from Mobile Industrial Robots are easy to program and thanks to the camera/sensor navigation they can be integrated easily and quickly.

You save yourself a costly conversion of your infrastructure. Thanks to the exchangeable add-on modules, the changeable missions or the addition of functions, you can easily adapt to new products or new production processes and always remain flexible.

"Throughout the project, Phoenix Mecano stood by us as a reliable partner and successfully supported us in using AMR robots to speed up material supply and relieve the burden on internal logistics."
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Johnny Markwart
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Mobiler Roboter transportiert ein Regal

Digital transformation of internal logistics through an autonomous mobile robot

AMR MiR250 robots with Shelf Carrier top module and MiR Fleet Fleet Manager automated the material transport from the picking warehouse to the machining centers.
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