Standard or customized coding switches from PTR HARTMANN for SMT, SMJ, THR or THT assembly. The coding switches can be assembled vertically or horizontally and have a 3+3 or 4+1 connection system. The headquarters in Baiersdorf covers the entire product development process and supplies the electrotechnical industry worldwide.
Whether it is development or tool making, injection molding of the plastic parts, quality assurance or automatic or semi-automatic assembly; from tool making to shipping, all work steps for the production of high-quality switches are covered at PTR HARTMANN GmbH.

Rotary coding switches

Verschiedene Drehcodierschalter
Rotary coding switches for THT, THR and SMD

Rotary coding switches from Phoenix Mecano offer state-of-the-art technology for industrial applications. Sturdy terminal pins with a pure tin finish ensure trouble-free assembly and secure connection with all common soldering materials. Due to the abrasion-resistant hard gold plating of the contacts, contact resistances are low and consistent. Switches with 3+3 as well as with 4+1 connection system are available with different operating elements. We offer various designs, actuators, switch positions as well as a wide range of standard solutions in THT, THR and SMD. Your specific requirements arouse our ambition to offer you an individually optimized solution with our know-how in the switch area.

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Verschiedene Drehcodierschalter

DIP switch

dipschalter in blau und schwarz
DIP switches also with 3 switching positions

DIP switches are suitable as alternatives to rotary coding switches, in that the desired coding can be set by means of intuitive slide adjustment. DIP switches are available in various sizes, pitches, colors and numbers of poles. The designs are available in piano, horizontal or vertical. The DIP switches can be assembled in SMT, SMJ and THT. A highlight among the DIP switches is the Tri-State (+ / - / 0) which, as the name suggests, realizes three instead of two switching positions per pole. This promises an advantage in the size with constant switching positions or the possibility to realize a higher number (3n) of codings.

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dipschalter in blau und schwarz

Tact switches

Kleine Tastschalter die direkt auf Leiterplatten gelötet werden
Tact switches for wave or reflow soldering

Push-button switches for different applications with horizontal or vertical operating direction in all common sizes and heights available. You will be able to select from a catalog of over 100,000 possible switch variants. The switches are suitable for wave or reflow soldering and have different pin variants as well as actuators (shape and color). Tact switches with a particularly low profile can be found under the series name "THU". We will be pleased to offer you further variants on request.

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Kleine Tastschalter die direkt auf Leiterplatten gelötet werden

Slide switches

Schiebschalter in verschiedenen Grössen und Bauformen
Miniature slide switch

The miniature slide switches can be used as ON/OFF or toggle switches as needed. The switches are both a high-end alternative to jumpers but can also be used as addressing or coding switches for applications that require only a limited number of settings. Despite their small size, the switches are robust and reliable in operation. Our SR245 series offers both THT solutions, vertical and horizontal, and SMD solutions, also vertical and horizontal. The applications are diverse and range from industrial to consumer applications.

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Schiebschalter in verschiedenen Grössen und Bauformen

Switches and sockets

Tastenschalter und Kippschalter in verschiedenen Grössen
Toggle and push-button switches

The toggle and push-button switches, as well as the switch jacks for front panel mounting, take into account the authoritative standards for industrial electronics DIN 41494. The push-button switches function as impulse key switches with additional light emitting diode for the display of various switching states. The mechanical mounting of the SMT toggle switches is done via a retaining bracket, which is soldered to the printed circuit board. Optionally, the components are fastened via two additional plastic centering pins. Double test sockets are used for switching and testing for printed circuits. We offer gold or nickel as contact material.

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Tastenschalter und Kippschalter in verschiedenen Grössen

LED elements

Verschiedene rote und grüne LED-Elementbauteile
LED elements and light guides

The LED elements and light guides for front panel mounting consider the relevant standards for industrial electronics DIN 41949. The display elements for THT or SMD mounting are available in different versions with 3.0 or 5.0 mm LEDs. The light guides are available as front panel elements with different mounting options. Customized designs are also possible. A highlight of this product group is our light guide series LHA, which redirect the light of the LEDs soldered underneath with the same luminous intensity. A press-fit pin located at the bottom of the housing allows intuitive mounting and a secure hold in the application.

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Verschiedene rote und grüne LED-Elementbauteile

Micro switches

Microschalter in verschiedenen Grössen und Bauarten
Snap-action switches in designs A, B and D

Micro switches, also known as snap-action switches, are available in designs A, B and D of DIN41635. Micro switches are primarily used as limit switches, for example in signal transmission when a (limit) position is reached. The snap-action switches are available as normally closed, normally open and changeover contacts with different actuating forces and switching capacities. We also offer a variety of different actuators, IP67 certified micro-switches and the possibility of cable assembly.

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Microschalter in verschiedenen Grössen und Bauarten

Dual push button switches

verschiedene Zweitastcodierschalter
Dual push button switches with 100% electronic final inspection

Two-button coding switches can be selected from six basic series. From the smallest dimension 15.0×6.0mm to the largest 33.0×8.0mm, the two-button coding switches are available with the usual codings as well as with 10 or 16 switching positions. Due to gold-on-gold contacts, we achieve a consistently low contact resistance. The ISO 9001 certified production and the 100% electronic final inspection guarantee the reliable function. Many special versions are available on request and special designs can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

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verschiedene Zweitastcodierschalter

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