Machine enclosures

Machine enclosures – safe, functional and with visual appeal

Industrial production facilities are often noisy and dirty. But this does not have to be the case. Custom-fit machine housings reduce noise and protect the machine from dirt, moisture and temperature fluctuations. In this way, they also protect and safeguard people, the machine and the production process. Functional machine enclosures thus ensure a clean, safe workplace and prevent accidents and costly production downtime.

And that's not all: machine enclosures also determine the look of a machine. Designed in your company's corporate design, they reflect your values and increase recognition value.

Maschineneinhausung mit gebogenen Alu-Profile und grün getönten Plexiglasscheiben
Maschineneinhausung mit gebogenen Alu-Profile und grün getönten Plexiglasscheiben
Maschineneinhausung Komponenten
Mitarbeiter montieren Aluminiumprofile
Maschinenhaube aus Aluminium Konstruktionsprofile
From the component to the machine enclosures

From the component to the machine enclosures

We offer a wide range of designs, which we cut to the required length with millimeter precision. In addition to standard aluminum construction profiles with profile grooves on all sides for optimum connection options, functional profiles with flat outer surfaces are also available. These are particularly suitable for the food or food-related industry, as they offer little surface for dirt accumulation and are easy to clean. We also offer curved aluminum profiles on request. Precisely cut panels made of glass, Plexiglas, plastic, Alucobond or aluminum in various thicknesses are used as surface elements.

Maschineneinhausung Komponenten
Mitarbeiter montieren Aluminiumprofile
Maschinenhaube aus Aluminium Konstruktionsprofile

Maximum flexibility through our aluminum profile modular system


Paint finishes, functionalities and materials adapted to the respective machine


Anodized profiles for attractive design

Services and project procedure

From the idea to the machine housing

Würfel Icon Idea / concept

Send a sketch, CAD data, or we will visit you on site and establish your requirements

Pinsel Icon Engineering

CAD design with all technical features and preparation of the parts list. Approval by the client

Zahnrad Icon Manufacturing

Special painting, cutting of surface elements and profiles, production of special parts and adapter plates

Schleife Icon Assembly

Building of the complete assembly at our premises. Acceptance by the client when required

Lastwagen Icon Assembly on site

Delivery of the assembly. On-site assembly upon customer request

Your machine layout and your requirements define the framework conditions – we take over the detailed planning of the optimum machine enclosure! Your wishes and the layout of your machine determine our approach to the realization of standard-compliant machine enclosures. Basically, almost anything is possible!

If you know exactly what you want and provide us with concrete drawing specifications, we will implement these for you. We would even rather develop the optimum enclosure for your machine together with you. For this purpose, our specialists discuss all machine details, functions and processes with you on site and advise you on the necessary functional details such as maintenance access, doors, material bulkheads, etc.. Subsequently, we take over the drawing for you, manufacture the complete machine casing, assemble it for acceptance by you on site and take care of the entire logistics.

Why Phoenix Mecano

That is why you should decide in favor of a machine enclosure from us

Direct communication

Your engineers speak directly with our experienced designers

Short ways

We are on site and with you in the shortest possible time

Short delivery times

Local production with broad in-house manufacturing


Machine housing made of aluminum profiles for 40 years


Tailor-made solutions for your requirements and environment

After sales

We are also there for you at any time after delivery

Your contact person

Please send us your draft or STEP file to get an offer or contact one of our specialists for a personal meeting to your company.

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Maschineneinhausung mit Aluminiumprofilen
Maschineneinhausung mit Aluminiumprofilen

Machine enclosure

Machine enclosure with aluminum functional profiles
Complete construction and assembly of the machine enclosure
Plexiglass panes mounted with 2-piece framing profile, which also enables subsequent replacement of the Plexiglass
Integrated sliding window with handle
Supplied in modular assemblies for quick assembly on site
Maschineneinhausung aus schwarz eloxierten Aluprofilen und Plexiglasscheiben
Maschineneinhausung aus schwarz eloxierten Aluprofilen und Plexiglasscheiben

Machine enclosures

Construction and complete assembly of the machine enclosure
Aluminum profiles 40x40mm anodized black
3 sliding doors at the front
Reverse side with sliding doors
Display window tinted plexiglass clamped
Covers black lacquered Alucobond
Maschinengestell mit schwenkbaren Türen aus Plexiglas
Maschinengestell mit schwenkbaren Türen aus Plexiglas

Machine frame with casing

Frame with 30x30mm aluminum profile closed at one side
Folding door with gas pressure spring
Folding doors made of bent aluminum profile and plexiglass
Swiveling side doors
Production of mounting plates and surface elements
Color is painted individually from one order to another
Complete assembly of the housing