Aluminum die castings

For whom do we supply aluminum die cast parts?

Whether excellently established on the market or innovative start-ups,anyone who needs die-cast parts for their electronics depends on good professional support. The focus is not only on the design of the housings. Details such as service life, area of application, protection against water ingress, easy assembly of the electronics and an appropriate price have a strong impact on the end product and its success on the market.

We accompany our customers in the complete process around die-cast parts from the idea to the serial production of your end product including assembly and shipping. Simply ask our product specialist for detailed expert advice on your ideas. We step in with our expertise exactly where it makes sense and is desired for your project.

Aluminium Druckgussgehäuse blau und grau lackiert mit Folientastatur
Aluminium Druckgussgehäuse blau und grau lackiert mit Folientastatur
Rahmen Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur
Rahmen Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur

Successfully avoiding stumbling blocks

In the production of die-cast aluminum parts, the metal is introduced into a die-casting tool under high pressure and at a defined speed.

But what sounds simple harbors numerous stumbling blocks. In order to achieve high product quality and a long service life of the mold while at the same time being cost-efficient, a number of things have to be taken into account as early as the housing design or the design of the mold. For example, optimum stability and shape retention with the lowest possible material consumption is achieved by uniform wall thicknesses and the avoidance of large surfaces and material accumulations. The choice of alloy also plays a decisive role here. The avoidance of large radii and undercuts as well as the planning of demolding chamfers for easier removal of the finished housings from the mold extend its service life, facilitate handling and thus reduce process costs. With us, you have an experienced partner at your side who knows and masters the challenges of the die casting process.

Rahmen Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur
Rahmen Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur
Services and process flow

We deliver housing solutions in aluminum die casting from concept to device assembly

Product design
Rapid prototyping
Tool making
Series production
Assembly / testing
Packing and logistics

Concept housing aluminum die casting

In the concept phase, we work with you to define the requirements for the die-cast aluminum part or housing. These include functions, budget, cost-effectiveness, area of application and installation space. We discuss with you what we can do for you and which work steps you want to carry out yourself. Experience has shown that a holistic approach to design, manufacturing and assembly reduces overall production costs.

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Product design die-cast aluminum housings

An appealing design makes up the emotional value of a product. We pay attention to producibility and cost-effectiveness for mass production during the design phase of die-cast aluminum enclosures. It makes sense to deal with product design already during the development of the electronics.

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Engineering aluminum die castings

Our engineers develop your die-cast aluminum parts according to your requirements, creating the technical drawings and 3D CAD models. You have already started with the design and development? No problem. We support you in every way. Because with 40 years of experience in enclosure technology, we know how to efficiently develop die-cast aluminum enclosures for series production.

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Rapid prototyping

Whether illustrative models, prototypes for functional testing, pilot series or exclusive small series for field tests ‒ depending on the purpose, surface finish, accuracy, quantity and material, we select the appropriate 3D printing process and produce your 3D prototype. Fast, cost-effective, tailored to your needs.

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Tool making aluminum die casting

The die casting tool determines the shape and quality of the housing. With over 40 years of expertise in housing manufacturing and global tooling sourcing within the Phoenix Mecano Group, we can always guarantee the required tool quality at reasonable prices.

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Series production aluminum die casting

We can use the Phoenix Mecano Group's cost-effective production facilities for the production of aluminum die-cast parts. Variant production, finishing and assembly are then carried out in Switzerland. In this way, we are able to guarantee high flexibility in order quantities and short delivery times. The one-piece flow in our production reduces stock quantities to a minimum and allows us to manufacture individual product variants at short notice.

Procurement of electronics and components

As a supplier of fully assembled devices and assemblies, we are also happy to procure the electronics and components to be assembled for you. This ensures a simple, smooth procurement process and relieves your resources.

Equipment assembly

Our services are not limited to the production and delivery of die-cast aluminum housings. We can do more for you: If you wish, we can also take over the assembly of the complete device, including function tests and packaging. Whether integration of membrane keypad, display or touch screen, installation of PCBs or electronics ‒ on our LEAN assembly workstations we assemble both small and large series efficiently and "just-in-time" in one-piece flow.

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Packaging and logistics

We support you in the complete storage and logistics process. Starting with the concept, through the design, to the procurement of the packaging. We focus on your requirements - whether mass packaging or final packaging with instruction leaflet, power supply and cable. Shipping can be handled with your papers directly to your customers worldwide.

Why Phoenix Mecano

Why you should choose our die-cast aluminum housing solutions?


Engineering with “Swissness” made in Stein am Rhein


Aluminum die-cast housings have been our core business for 40 years


We have specific knowledge in aluminum die casting and know the dangers


We combine electronics and housings in an innovative way

One partner

One contact for your complete order


Our solutions bring you competitive advantages

“Reliable and competent partner for customized housing design and mass production of IoT sensor housings. Extremely competitive in price. All our quality standards were met.”
Dr. sc. ETH Schekeb Fateh
Strategic Business Development, Miromico AG
“Phoenix Mecano supported our ideas and special requests, and made the mass production and IoT sensor housing a top product. The overall solution was professional, on time, and at a fair price.”
Andreas Lehmann
Managing Director, PortalNetAG
With its wide range of know-how in the field of plastic injection molding and cost-optimized assembly, Phoenix Mecano is a substantial addition to the value chain for AIRICA. Competencies mixed with uncomplicated and trustworthy people characterize Phoenix Mecano’s DNA and we appreciate this very much."
Lukas Limacher
Co-Founder & CEO, AIRICA AG
IoT Button bestehend aus Elektronik verbaut in einem Kunststoffspritgussgehäuse

IoT button injection molding

Development and production of a housing for an IoT button using plastic injection molding. From design via electronics assembly to delivery in the final packaging.
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Person mit LoRaWAN Scanner

Post order pen

A LoRaWANⓇ-based smart button developed by Miromico together with Swiss Post, with an optical identification code (OID codes).
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Design LED Lampe im Kunststoffspritzgussverfahren

CO2 measuring device injection molding

Development, rapid prototyping and manufacture of a housing for an IoT sensor and LED lamp using plastic injection molding to measure air quality.
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Your contact person

Are you interested in a die-cast aluminum enclosure solution? Please send us your draft or STEP file or contact one of our specialists for a personal meeting to your company.

Mihajlo Maksimovic
Teamleiter / Projektleiter Sales Gehäusetechnik
Team Leader / Project Manager Sales Enclosure Technology
Chef d’équipe / Responsable de projet Sales Technique des boîtiers
+41 52 742 75 13
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Deckel Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur
Deckel Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur

Die-cast aluminum cover with membrane keypad

Tool making and series production of the die-cast cover
Powder coating of the die-cast cover
Design and manufacturing of the membrane keypad
Mounting of the membrane keypad
Complete assembly of parts
Aluminium Druckgussgehäuse blau und grau lackiert mit Folientastatur
Aluminium Druckgussgehäuse blau und grau lackiert mit Folientastatur

Die-cast aluminum housing with membrane keypads

Tool making and series production of the die-cast components
2-color painting of the die-cast parts
Manufacturing of the membrane keypad with display window
Complete assembly of the parts incl. mounting of the membrane keypad
Rahmen Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur
Rahmen Aluminiumdruckguss mit Folientastatur

Die-cast aluminum frame with membrane keypad

Tool making and series production of the die-cast frame
Powder coating frame and aluminum profile
Manufacturing of the membrane keypad
Membrane keypad mounted on support plate
Complete assembly of parts