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Enclosure technology ‒ Profile technology ‒ LEAN Production ‒ Linear technology

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The Solution Partner who inspires
Innovative solutions are our drive

Enclosure technology ‒ Aluminum profiles ‒ LEAN Production ‒ Electric cylinders

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This is Phoenix Mecano
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There for you with full commitment! Our employees are at your service every day with great pleasure and motivation. Get to know us and see for yourself.

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Elektronikgehaeuse mit montierter Backplane und Fuehrungen für Karteneinschuebe
Enclosure technology

Enclosure solutions from one provider – more than just the empty enclosure

As a long-standing supplier of system solutions and all-in devices, we know what matters. We act as a full-service provider and take responsibility for the cost, functionality, and quality of the enclosure solution. In our module assembly, the enclosure, electronic, input unit and display merge to form a complete device or module. We are at your side as a reliable system partner from planning to the finished product.
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LEAN Production Montagelinie
Smart production

With our LEAN production solutions you gain a competitive edge!

LEAN production is the basis for smart and digital production. We are a manufacturing company ourselves and have been implementing LEAN management for years. So we know exactly what is important. Our LEAN production solutions are adjusted and tailored to your production. With the Smart Factory Assembly solutions, we also take your assembly to the next level in digitalization.
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Maschineneinhausung mit schwarz eloxierten Aluprofilen und Plexiglasscheiben
Profile technology

Aluminum profiles and tube connectors - the flexible alternative to welding

Did you know that we deliver over 95% of the orders as a fully assembled unit instead of just cut-to-size profiles? Benefit from our construction and assembly services with aluminum profiles. For example, frames, machine enclosures, protective grids, or stair systems - completely assembled according to your wishes and specifications.
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Elektrischer Linearantrieb Typ LD1000C
Linear drives

Moving by electric drives

The need for ergonomics, simplicity and automation is becoming more and more important and the areas of application in the outdoor sector are becoming more and more extreme. Drives must function and perform under the most adverse conditions. We adapt our drives to your requirements, starting from the first unit. Did you know this?
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“Reliable and competent partner for customized housing design and mass production of IoT sensor housings. Extremely competitive in price. All our quality standards were met.”
Dr. sc. ETH Schekeb Fateh
Strategic Business Development, Miromico AG
"The cooperation with Phoenix Mecano was really highly efficient. Within 4 weeks the assembly line was in our hall and helps us with SETAGO® to an increase in productivity of up to 30%."
Daniele Cazzato
Assembly manager, GRIBI Hydraulics AG
“The support and advice received from Phoenix Mecano throughout the project was very professional. I also thought the LEAN Live Workshop at Phoenix Mecano was great. We have learned a lot, which will also benefit future projects.”
Beat Messerli
Bieri Hydraulik AG
LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem mit Einpressstation

LEAN live workshop assists in increasing productivity by up to 40%

In a LEAN workshop, the new assembly process was defined with the customer according to LEAN principles, and built and optimized with Cardboard Engineering.
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IoT Button bestehend aus Elektronik verbaut in einem Kunststoffspritgussgehäuse

IoT button injection molding

Development and production of a housing for an IoT button using plastic injection molding. From design via electronics assembly to delivery in the final packaging.
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Mitarbeiterin montiert an einem LEAN Arbeitsplatz

10 to 20 % less intermediate stocks

Using a LEAN production concept of workstations and material carts, the intermediate stocks could be reduced by 10 to 20 %. At the same time, the throughput time in assembly could be reduced by up to 50%.
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Mitarbeiter montiert auf einem Montagewagen entlang einem Regal mit den Bauteilen

Productivity increase of up to 30%

Shelves fitted with a Pick-by-Light system and an assembly trolley matched to the product ensured an increase in productivity of up to 30% within just 4 weeks.
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Person mit LoRaWAN Scanner

Post order pen

A LoRaWANⓇ-based smart button developed by Miromico together with Swiss Post, with an optical identification code (OID codes).
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Design LED Lampe im Kunststoffspritzgussverfahren

CO2 measuring device injection molding

Development, rapid prototyping and manufacture of a housing for an IoT sensor and LED lamp using plastic injection molding to measure air quality.
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Flaches Kunststoffprofil im Extrusionsverfahren zur Aufnahme einer LoRaWAN Elektronik

Plastic extrusion process

An IoT sensor system is inserted into a 3 mm high extruded plastic profile. The profile is sealed by two snap-in end caps made of injection-molded plastic.
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Montagearbeitsplatz mit Pick by Light System

Produce up to 60% faster with One Piece Flow

Assembly workstation with integrated, ergonomic swiveling device for heavy parts. With the new assembly process in the one piece flow, assembly time is reduced by up to 60%.
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Mobiler Roboter transportiert ein Regal

Digital transformation of internal logistics through an autonomous mobile robot

AMR MiR250 robots with Shelf Carrier top module and MiR Fleet Fleet Manager automated the material transport from the picking warehouse to the machining centers.
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Phoenix Mecano is committed to providing customers in the enclosures, profiles, LEAN production and linear drives sectors with innovative solutions that give them a competitive edge.

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Foto Mihajlo Maksimovic
Mihajlo Maksimovic
Projektleiter Sales Gehäusetechnik / Technischer Kundenberater
Project Manager Sales Enclosure Technology / Technical customer consultant
Responsable de projet Sales Technique des boîtiers / Conseiller technique clientèle
+41 79 255 72 37
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Foto Michele Damiano
Michele Damiano
Teamleiter / Projektleiter Sales Profiltechnik
Team Leader / Project Manager Sales Profile Technology
Chef d’équipe / Responsable de projet Sales Technique des profilés
+41 52 742 75 40
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Foto Gentrit Krasniqi
Gentrit Krasniqi
Teamleiter / Projektleiter Sales Lineartechnik
Team Leader / Project Manager Sales Linear Technology
Chef d’équipe / Responsable de projet Sales Technique linéaire
+41 52 742 75 72
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