Pick by light system

Pick by Light guides through the assembly process step by step

On assembly workstations equipped with SETAGO® Pick-by-Light worker guidance system, every employee really can perform the respective assembly task without errors. The worker assistance system guides the worker safely through the individual process steps using images, videos and sensors.

The operation is very simple: The SETAGO® system uses digital work instructions to show the worker which component to assemble next, where to take it from and how to assemble the component. Correctly executed workflows initiate the next process step. If the worker accidentally picks up the wrong material or uses the wrong torque for tightening, this is recognised and the assembly process is stopped. Continuation is only possible after correction. This eliminates errors, ensures product quality and increases productivity.

At the same time, with the support of SETAGO® Pick-by-Light, even new, inexperienced or cognitively impaired employees can fulfil complex orders reliably and productively with practically no training time.

Mitarbeiter greift ein Bauteil aus einem Behälter
Mitarbeiter greift ein Bauteil aus einem Behälter
Improves quality

Pick by Light reduces assembly errors by 99.9% and ensures continuous quality

Increases productivity

Increases productivity by up to 50%

Training employees

Employees require hardly any training time and are immediately productive and can therefore quickly help out in unfamiliar assembly processes in the event of breakdowns or high workloads

No searching for components

The light sensor shows the employee where the part to be mounted is located

No mix up

Prevents mixing up components that look similar

Link to ERP

SETAGO® Pick-by-Light provides an interface to several, optional ERP systems

Process sequence

Using the Pick-by-Light system successfully in assembly

Pick by Light products and components

Learn more about the Pick by Light software, hardware and possible devices that can be controlled with the software.
Why Phoenix Mecano

This is why you should choose a Pick by Light system from us

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Intuitive operation

We focus on user-friendly simplicity

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One partner

We offer Pick by Light solutions incl. LEAN workstations from one source

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Productivity increase

We can guarantee you an increase in productivity

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We are a manufacturing company ourselves and know what we are talking about

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On-site commissioning

We can install the complete system at your place

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Extendable systems

Our workstation systems can be extended as required

SETAGO® App Software - The easy way to digitalization

SETAGO® App software is more than just a digital assembly manual. It can control and monitor the complete assembly process. It combines assembly-supporting components such as printers, scanners, collaborative robots, driverless transport systems or screwdrivers into a complete solution. Orders are processed completely paperless through the ERP interface.

"The cooperation with Phoenix Mecano was really highly efficient. Within 4 weeks the assembly line was in our hall and helps us with SETAGO® to an increase in productivity of up to 30%."
Daniele Cazzato
Assembly manager, GRIBI Hydraulics AG
"What impressed me about Phoenix Mecano was the professional approach and implementation of the project. The experience from the own production flows together with a lot of theoretical knowledge into the project."
Timy Christen
Production manager, Reed Electronics AG
“Phoenix Mecano's Pick by Light improves the quality of our products and moves us forward in the digitalization and modernization of our production."
Laurent Marbach
Managing Director Grolleau SA
“The assembly line is very beneficial for us and enables us to offer even more attractive jobs. The technical support we received from Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG during the entire process was very much appreciated. Through our complex requirements, we have been able to contribute to Phoenix's ability to take on complex and highly individual scenarios in the future and to continue to develop its systems.”
Dario Cervini
Area Manager, Altra Schaffhausen
Mitarbeiter montiert auf einem Montagewagen entlang einem Regal mit den Bauteilen

Productivity increase of up to 30%

Shelves fitted with a Pick-by-Light system and an assembly trolley matched to the product ensured an increase in productivity of up to 30% within just 4 weeks.
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Mitarbeiterin montiert an einem LEAN Arbeitsplatz mit Werkerführung

Perform complex assembly work with Pick to Light with little prior knowledge

Pick by Light system guides the employee step by step through the assembly process. For people with handicaps, high fluctuation, or part-time workers, this ensures independent assembly with zero errors.
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LEAN Montagelinie mit Arbeitsplätzen aus Aluminiumprofilen und Pick-by-light Werkerassistenzsystem

Pick by Light for high variant diversity and small batch sizes

With an assembly workstation with Pick-by-Light system developed in the LEAN workshop, absolutely error-free assembly can be guaranteed despite the high number of variants and small batch sizes.
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Your contact person

We are happy to evaluate with you potential applications for our Pick by Light System – we want to help you to become even more competitive.

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Marvin Waldvogel
Teamleiter Digitale Produkte und Services
Team Leader Digital Products and Services
Chef d'équipe produits et services numériques
+41 52 742 75 43
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Mitarbeiter montiert auf einem Montagewagen entlang einem Regal mit den Bauteilen
Mitarbeiter montiert auf einem Montagewagen entlang einem Regal mit den Bauteilen

Assembly line with pick by light worker guidance

Material rack with material feed from the rear
Empty boxes are discharged to the rear in the lower tray
Assembly cart with pick by light display
The worker guidance shows the employee which component he has to assemble next
Pick by Light Sensor shows in which box the component is located
Montagearbeitsplatz mit Pick by Light System
Montagearbeitsplatz mit Pick by Light System

Assembly workstation with pick by light system

Workstation built with 40x40 mm aluminum profiles
Integrated press fit device
Holding and tilting device for ergonomic mounting
Pick by Light System guides the employee through the assembly process
The Pick by Light sensor shows the employee which component he has to assemble next and in which box the component is located
Montagelinie zur Montage von Schaltschränke
Montagelinie zur Montage von Schaltschränke

Assembly line with pick by light system

2 SETAGO Pick by Light systems with 150 sensors
Complete assembly and commissioning on site on existing racks
IO module for connection of external devices like scanner, screwdriver and pushbutton enclosure
Training of employees on site