Extension with external devices

Extend SETAGO® Pick by Light worker guidance with external devices and components that increase productivity, improve process reliability or make the workflow easier! All devices can be connected with software and act actively in the work process! Of course, we will find a customized solution for your individual application if further devices have to be integrated. Whether screwdriver, sensor technology or robotics, we will find a solution.


Convenient scanning

Honeywell scanners are high-quality 2D imagers with reliable scanning performance. They can be used to scan all common bar and QR codes directly and SETAGO® captures the number directly in the system. The scanner charging stations are connected via USB and the scanner is wirelessly taken out of the station for use.

The easy installation means the scanner is ready to use immediately and makes entering part numbers much easier. If you have a large number of work instructions installed, the scanner can be used to conveniently scan the correct work step and SETAGO® will automatically start the program. Select your assembly program and enter all relevant data in record time! (Reference to serial number tracking)

Setago Zebrascanner
Setago Zebrascanner
Weight: 210 g
Size: 300×173×173 mm
Transmission: Bluetooth
Schrauber der Firma Mabag
Schrauber der Firma Mabag
MABAG Screw systems

The ideal support

For smooth, productive and process-safe assembly, we recommend screw-driving systems. The electric screwdrivers of the DOGA series (MABAG AG) are perfect for tightening with the right torque. As soon as the screwdriver has tightened the screw with the appropriate torque, SETAGO® reacts and switches to the next work step. The torque can be adjusted independently. If the screwdriver is integrated via an external control, it can be used to assign exact torques to the various screws. The SETAGO® assistance system then selects the specified torque for each screw-driving process. Screw-driving systems are the ideal support for assembly workers to ensure process reliability and constant quality.

Schrauber der Firma Mabag
Schrauber der Firma Mabag
Torque: 0.02 – 9.8 Nm
Weight: 240 – 450 g
ESD protection
Shut-off clutch and noise level below 70 dBA
Collaborative robots

Cobots for monotonous, repetitive tasks

Cobots from Universal Robots offer tremendous application flexibility with their ease of use and the ever-growing market of certified accessories. We combine this flexibility with our broad knowledge in the field of lean production to offer you individual and tailor-made complete solutions to take your production processes to the next level. As a certified system integrator, we ensure a safe application and a secure cooperation between humans and robots. The UR cobots can be easily linked to our SETAGO® Pick by Light worker guidance system and integrated into workstations.

3 Cobots Grössen von Universal Robots
3 Cobots Grössen von Universal Robots
Autonome Mobile Roboter MiR 600 und MiR 1350
Autonome Mobile Roboter MiR 600 und MiR 1350
Autonomous mobile robots

Automated guided vehicles for your intralogistics

With the automated guided vehicles from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Phoenix Mecano offers you autonomous mobile robots that score points for their versatile and flexible application options and user-friendly operation. The AMR from Mobile Industrial Robots are versatile in use and free in design. For example, MiR robots can be equipped with various add-on modules developed by MiR. With these products you get a CE-certified complete solution from MiR. If there is no suitable add-on module available, we will work out an individual solution for you as an integrator, so that the application is designed exactly for your application requirements. It does not matter whether you are looking for an application for industry or the health care sector. The AMR's can easily be linked to our SETAGO® Pick by Light worker guidance system and integrated into workstations.

Autonome Mobile Roboter MiR 600 und MiR 1350
Autonome Mobile Roboter MiR 600 und MiR 1350

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We are happy to evaluate with you potential applications for our Pick by Light System – we want to help you to become even more competitive.

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