Real time quality control

The Pick by Light sensors detect by means of reflective measurement whether the article has been picked. This feedback causes the Pick by Light software to switch one work step further. Thus, the work process can only be carried out if all articles are correctly picked. Real time quality control!

Our RS485 ModBUS sensors are controlled via SETAGO® software. In the so-called Time of Flight (toF) measurement, an infrared light with a wavelength of 940nm is sent through the emitter. The collector integrated in the sensor determines the distance to the reference plane (zero point) based on the time of flight of the reflected infrared light. This measuring method requires that each sensor always has a reference plane.

The power supply as well as the communication between sensor and controller is done via the supplied RJ12 cable. The addressing of the sensors is done via a DIP switch. Addresses between 1 - 256 can be assigned. A separate adapter plate is supplied for mounting the sensor on profiles and the like.

Pick by Light Sensor montiert an Adapterplatte
Pick by Light Sensor montiert an Adapterplatte
Maximum working range: 1 m
Optimum working range: 100 ‒ 400 mm
Response speed: ≈3ms.
Operating temperature: 10°C - +50°C
Modbus variant
Digital variant for PLC connection
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Setago Steuerung
Setago Steuerung

The communication tool

Through the Pick by Light control unit the internal communication takes place. You determine all functions in the software, but the control unit executes all commands afterwards. All components are connected through it. A control unit can handle max. 4 × 256 sensors. A Windows computer as well as the sensor communication are ensured by the control unit.

Setago Steuerung
Setago Steuerung
I/O Module

The connection center

The I/O module acts with the control unit. All connections and functions are wired in the module. It can be used to integrate additional terminal devices such as screwdrivers, pushbuttons or robots. There are 16 inputs and outputs available.

Setago I/O Modul
Setago I/O Modul
Setago Taster Gehäuse
Setago Taster Gehäuse
Button housing

Navigating through the work steps

You use the pushbutton housing to navigate through the work steps. You switch on or return again if a step has to be repeated. Of course, this navigation can also be done via the touchscreen monitor. However, the probe box can be placed directly next to the work process. This is very ergonomic for the assembly worker and saves time. Optionally, it is also possible to work with foot pedals.

Setago Taster Gehäuse
Setago Taster Gehäuse
Touchscreen monitor

Step by step through the assembly process

You operate the SETAGO® software on the touchscreen monitor. You can adjust and edit all work steps. Step by step, the monitor shows you the work instructions and guides you through the assembly process. The monitor can be placed independently by means of a wall mount.

Setago Touch Momitor
Setago Touch Momitor

Your contact person

We are happy to evaluate with you potential applications for our Pick by Light System – we want to help you to become even more competitive.

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