E-Paper from SETAGO®

Our solution for the sustainable increase of your production processes

Our battery-free e-paper is a groundbreaking solution for the modern manufacturing industry. It improves productivity, increases sustainability and simplifies processes at the same time. By using up-to-date live data, eliminating paper and eliminating batteries, this technology sets the standard for environmentally conscious and efficient production.

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We would be happy to evaluate potential applications for the digitalisation of your production with you.

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Our e-paper offers you numerous advantages

Why Phoenix Mecano

That's why we are your partner for software solutions to digitize the production

Intuitive operation

We focus on user-friendly operation

One partner

We offer the entire solution from a single source


We are a manufacturing company ourselves and know what we are talking about

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We are happy to evaluate with you potential applications for digitisation – we want to help you to become even more competitive.

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Marvin Waldvogel
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Team Leader Digital Products and Services
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