Starter kit

A complete Pick by light kit for easy start-up

To enable you to use the Pick by Light system as quickly as possible, we have put together a starter kit that you can use to map your assembly processes. Feel how easy it is to program and operate a SETAGO®. The intuitive software shows you how to build up an assembly process step by step and map it with text, pictures and videos. The corresponding sensors show the employee which component is to be removed and how it is to be assembled. You are guided through the assembly process without errors by means of various advancement conditions.

The SETAGO® Starter Kit consists of the following components: 


  • 20 SETAGO® sensors
  • SETAGO® software
  • Control unit
  • I/O module
  • Push button housing
  • Monitor with touch screen
  • Various connection cables
Starterkit mit Pick by Light Sensoren, Steuerung, Kabel und Bedieneinheit
Starterkit mit Pick by Light Sensoren, Steuerung, Kabel und Bedieneinheit

Step by step to your SETAGO® integration

Mount the sensors above the component containers

Wire the sensors, as well as the computer units with the supplied cables

Start the fully assembled starter kit

Create the work instructions yourself and quite intuitively

Get started! Produce error-free step by step with SETAGO

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