Mobile Industrial Robots Topmodul Shelf Lift
Mobile Industrial Robots Topmodul Shelf Lift

Top modules MiR

The right accessories for your individual application!

The robots from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) are designed as an open platform that can be equipped with add-on solutions as required. This means that a large number of processes can already be automated in a standardized way without major layout changes in your production.

MiR Shelf Carrier 250

The Shelf Carrier top module is a standard module that fits on the MiR250. It allows the AMR robot to pick up, fix and transport shelves, carts and other trays mounted on rollers.
Mobile Industrial Robots Topmodul Shelf Carrier


Top module for MiR250

Net load

Incl. transport cart 300 kg

Max. stroke

27 mm

MiR Shelf Lift

The MiR Shelf Lift is suitable for transporting stationary superstructures, such as shelves. With the Shelf Lift top module, the driverless transport system from MiR lifts the object to be transported and sets it down again at the target position. The objects do not require rollers, as they are carried to the target position by the AMR.
Mobile Industrial Robots Topmodul Shelf Lift


Top module for MiR600 for MiR1350

Max. stroke

60 mm

Max. load capacity

1'250 kg

MiR Hook 250

The MiR Hook 250 attachment is a user-friendly and efficient way to pick up and pull carts fully automatically. The MiR250 Hook robot identifies carts by April tags and docks fully automatically. This attachment is ideal for a variety of towing tasks, whether your AMR is moving in manufacturing, logistics or healthcare. See the data sheet for detailed environmental requirements regarding aisle width.
Mobile Industrial Robots Hook


Top module for MiR250

Net load

incl. transport cart 500 kg

MiR EU Pallet Lift

Thanks to the MiR EU Pallet Lift, you automate the transport of EU pallets. The top module is available for both the MiR600 and MiR1350.

MiR Pallet Lift

With the MiR Pallet Lift robot attachment module, the AMR independently picks up and transports pallets of various sizes.

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