Coating for targeted protection and an individual look

In enclosure and profile technology, surface treatment primarily pursues two goals. On the one hand, protection against external influences and, on the other, to give the design an individual touch.

In the case of die-cast aluminum, extruded aluminum profiles or sheet metal, surface finishing is essential. The surface treatment protects against corrosion or rust and thus ensures the longevity of the enclosure. Small series or special coatings, e.g. individual surface structures, special colors or paint-free areas, are carried out in our 3 wet paint or powder coating booths. For large series we have an automatic powder coating plant. To ensure a consistent paint finish for subsequent orders, it is important that we determine the color, structure and gloss level together.

Pulverbeschichten von Aluminiumgehäusen
Pulverbeschichten von Aluminiumgehäusen

RAL or Pantone according to customer requirements


Fine to coarse structure

Gloss level

Matt to high gloss

Powder or wet paint

Depending on material and surface structure

Paint booths

For small series or special coatings

Automatic painting line

For large series

Aluminiumgehäuse innenseitig passiviert mit SurTec650
Aluminiumgehäuse innenseitig passiviert mit SurTec650

Passivation - High corrosion protection and EMC conductivity

After washing, the aluminum enclosures are passivated with SurTec650 chromium(VI)-free. The passivation creates a thin protective layer on the aluminum which provides high corrosion protection and EMC conductivity. It also provides an excellent adhesion primer for subsequent painting. SurTec650 passivation is RoHS compliant and an alternative to a chromium containing Alodine treatment.

Aluminiumgehäuse innenseitig passiviert mit SurTec650
Aluminiumgehäuse innenseitig passiviert mit SurTec650

Anodizing - The noble surface for aluminum

Protects aluminum parts from corrosion and also provides a noble design. Colored anodizing is also possible. However, anodizing is only suitable for aluminum extrusions or milled parts made of solid aluminum. This process is unsuitable for aluminum die casting or gravity die casting.

Aluminiumprofil blau eloxiert
Aluminiumprofil blau eloxiert

That is why you benefit from surface treatments at our company

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Housing, machining, surface treatment from a single source

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No unnecessary intermediate transports to other suppliers

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We know the properties of the materials and surfaces of our products

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Any rejects from housings are at our expense

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