Lineareinheit SQ-ZST
Lineareinheit SQ-ZST

Linear units with rack and pinion drive

The rack and pinion linear units from RK Rose+Krieger are perfectly suited for large strokes with consistent positioning accuracy. Likewise, the rack and pinion linear units offer high dynamics.

SQ-ZST Linear unit

Linear unit with rack for large strokes up to 30 meters.
Lineareinheit SQ-ZST

Construction size

60, 80

Max. stroke

29'530 mm

Fx max.

1'132 N

Fy max.

2'550 N

Fz. max.

2'550 N

Mx max.

99 - 124 Nm

My max.

171 - 201 Nm

Mz max.

171 - 201 Nm

Your contact person

Contact us if you are interested in a solution with linear units. Please contact us or send us the files for your application.

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