Cobot Modell Magician Lite von Dobot
Cobot Modell Magician Lite von Dobot

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The future of learning in STEM subjects

Discover the future of learning with our innovative robots for education. Designed to teach students the basics of robotics and programming through play, our educational robots provide an interactive and fun learning environment. From creative coding challenges to hands-on application of robotics principles, our robots encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills and a vibrant enthusiasm for STEM subjects. Bring technology into the classroom with our educational robots and inspire the next generations of creative thinkers.

Magician Educational Cobot

The Magician Educational Cobot is the perfect introduction to the world of robotics for educational institutions. With its compact reach, light payload and affordable price of CHF 1'600.00, it opens up new perspectives for students in the field of automation.

Magician E6 Cobot

The Magician E6 Cobot impresses with its extended reach and higher payloads, making it ideal for more demanding learning requirements.
Cobot Modell Magician E6 von Dobot


450 mm

Net load

750 g


7.2 kg


5'800.00 CHF

Base area

80 mm

Magician Lite Cobot

The Magician Lite Cobot is particularly suitable for young learners. With a reach of 340 mm, a light payload of 250 g and an affordable price of CHF 950.00, it playfully promotes an understanding of robotics and programming.

Magician Go Cobot

Developed for the educational sector, this robot not only provides endless entertainment, but also promotes creative thinking and technical understanding.
With its compact size, this intelligent robot becomes an interactive learning tool for educational institutions. Playfully explore the basics of programming and robotics while the robot opens up a fascinating world of discovery on its mobile platform.
Cobot Modell Magician Go von Dobot


1'600.00 CHF

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