“Phoenix Mecano's Pick by Light improves the quality of our products and moves us forward in the digitalization and modernization of our production."
Laurent Marbach
Managing Director Grolleau SA

step one

Initial situation

Grolleau SA is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of power distribution cabinets. The high reliability and innovation of its products gives the company a leading position on the French market. At Grolleau SA, various cables and electrotechnical components are assembled and wired in different control cabinets. The large number of components must be searched for in the respective storage bins using the part number and then assembled. This takes up valuable time. Since certain components still look visually similar, the risk of confusion is also very high.

step two


Grolleau SA wanted an assembly process that eliminated the time-consuming search for components. In addition, electric screws should be used in the future, which screw each component with the correct torque. Assembly instructions and work instructions should be quickly retrievable and digitally available for each cabinet.

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