Cobot Modell CR5AS
Cobot Modell CR5AS

Cobots CRAS-Series from Cobots

Safe collaboration between man and machine thanks to SafeSkin

The Dobot CRAS robots not only offer impressive technical performance, but also demonstrate remarkable versatility in various industries. Designed to fit seamlessly into different working environments, these robots offer an optimal solution for a wide range of applications with their precise movements, intelligent control capabilities and user-friendly programming options. From precise manufacturing processes to support in research and development; the robots are equipped for everything. The CRAS robots are also equipped with SafeSkin for pre-collision detection, which enables safe and efficient collaboration between man and machine.

Cobot CR3AS - Precise, safe, compact

With a reach of 620 mm and a payload of 3 kg, the CR3AS robot offers compact precision for a wide range of applications. Its efficiency and flexibility make it the ideal solution for optimizing your workflows. Thanks to SafeSkin technology, it is not only safer, but also more efficient when working with people.

Cobot CR5AS - Versatile performance with maximum safety

The CR5AS robot impresses with a reach of 900 mm and a payload of 5 kg, which underlines its versatility. It is the ideal choice for demanding tasks in various industries. Thanks to SafeSkin technology, it not only offers greater safety, but also increased efficiency.

Cobot CR10AS - Maximum range -performance and safety

With an impressive 1300 mm reach and a payload of 10 kg, this robot is the perfect solution for tasks that require maximum flexibility and performance. In addition, the Cobot is equipped with the SafeSkin for greater safety and efficiency.

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