Cobot Arm Modell UR20
Cobot Arm Modell UR20

Cobots from Universal Robots

The UR e-series from the market leader

The market for collaborative robots is growing rapidly. A robot is not meant to replace the employee, but to support him in monotonous, tedious and repetitive work, or can even take over physically demanding work. SMEs need new flexible and cost-effective automation solutions to keep production in the tough market.

The focus is especially on efficient and flexible collaboration between humans and robots. Safe interaction, faster process steps and lower costs are just some of the many benefits that collaborative robots from UR Universal Robots bring. As a system integrator, we have specialized in LEAN solutions with lightweight robots. Whether it is gluing, packaging or screwing of components, the robot supports your employees in every respect. We would be happy to come to your production facility for a personal consultation and show you your options.

Cobot UR3e the optimal table robot

The UR3e is an ultra-light and compact cobot that can be used on tables without any problems. Since it does not take up much space, it is ideal for installation in plants or tight work environments. Despite its weight of 11kg, it has a load capacity of 3kg. All of its joints can move through 360 degrees and its wrist even has the ability to rotate without limits. This means that high-precision assembly and screwdriving work is no longer a challenge.

UR5e the versatile lightweight robot

The UR5e variant is a collaborative lightweight robot that can be subjected to medium loads (up to 5 kg). It is characterized above all by its versatility and adaptability, as it can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications.

Cobot UR10e the long reach cobot

The UR10e is a highly versatile collaborative robot with a high payload (12.5 kg). With a reach of 1300 mm, it can serve as a support over long distances without losing precision or performance. For this reason, the UR10e is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it is handling, palletizing or packaging a component, the UR10e will support your worker in every way.

UR16e the muscleman among the cobots

Le robot collaboratif UR16e peut déplacer des composants pesant jusqu'à 16 kg. Grâce à sa conception compacte, il est idéal pour les tâches impliquant des pièces lourdes. L’outillage de machines, la manutention, l’emballage ou l’assemblage ne sont que quelques-unes des nombreuses applications permettant de soulager vos employés du travail pénible

UR20 the first new generation cobot

In addition to its high payload of 20 kg, the new UR20 Cobot also offers a longer reach of 1,750 mm and up to 30 percent higher speeds. The long reach offers completely new possibilities, especially for stacking a full-height Euro pallet. In addition to palletizing and packaging, the Cobot can be used for applications ranging from machine loading to welding.

UR30 A compact cobot with a high payload

The UR30 is an extremely powerful collaborative robot with a compact design. It is ideal for efficiently feeding machines, quickly palletizing heavy packages and carrying out high-torque drilling and screwing work.

We are convinced of the quality of our product. We therefore supply the UR30 with an extended warranty of 30 months.

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Grundgestell für Cobot Schweissarbeiten mit Schutzzaun
Grundgestell für Cobot Schweissarbeiten mit Schutzzaun

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