Limanda Handheld Gehäuse mit Siemens OP7 Steuerung und Taster
Limanda Handheld Gehäuse mit Siemens OP7 Steuerung und Taster

Limanda hand enclosure

Polyamide handheld enclosure for instrumentation, automation and data acquisition
  • Can be used mobile and stationary for fixtures and command devices
  • Two sizes
  • Large occupancy area
  • Variable installation depths

Enclosure Material:

enclosure: polyamide

Butt edge: NBR, black

Protection Class:

IP 65 according to EN 60529


similar to RAL 7021, black-grey

Impact resistance:

> 7 joules according to EN 50014

Burning behavior:

V2 / UL 94

Surface Resistance:

1012 Ohm nach DIN 53482



Temperature resistance:

-20° C to +60° C

Scope of delivery:

Double-shell enclosure with upper and lower shell, each with mounting domes incl. seals and butt edge profile. 3 cover flaps for interface garages, screws and fastening material for front panel mounting.


  • Limanda I front panel aluminum, natural anodized
  • Limanda I EMC front panel
  • Limanda II front panel aluminum, natural anodized
  • Limanda I intermediate frame
  • Limanda II installation set for Siemens TP 170 / TP 070 
  • Limanda I EMC intermediate frame 
  • Limanda I handle set without pushbutton 
  • Limanda mounting bracket 
  • Limanda I shoulder strap 
  • Limanda I quiver 
  • Limanda II table stand (set of 2) 
  • Limanda II Quiver 
  • Limanda I handle set with 3-step enabling switch (right version) 
  • Limanda I handle set with 3-stage enabling switch (left version) 
  • Cable gland with kink protection M16 
  • Cable gland with kink protection M20 
  • Cable gland with kink protection M25 
  • Inclination adapter for direct mounting on wall or machine 
  • Inclination adapter for direct mounting on tube GT 48/2 
  • Inclination adapter for direct mounting on tube GTK electronic 
  • Inclination adapter for direct mounting to GT48/2 or GTK electronic 
  • Tilt adapter for Limanda mount on tube GT 48/2 
  • Tilt adapter for Limanda mount on tube GTK electronic
  • Inclination adapter for Limanda mount on wall or machine 
  • Pushbuttons and switches
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Benefit from our services for handheld enclosure

Mechanical processing
Special color
EMC coating
Engraving / laser marking
Assembly / testing
Packing and logistics

Mechanical processing of handheld enclosures

We machine the Enclosures according to your drawing. You bear no risk of rejects and you benefit from cost-effective production, fast delivery times and consistent quality, starting with a minimum quantity of 1 piece.

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Painting in special color

If the color does not correspond to your idea or your company design, we also paint the enclosures in your desired color. Just let us know the desired RAL color, structure and gloss level. We also manufacture the enclosures in special granules from approx. 250 pieces.

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EMV coating of handheld enclosures

To protect your electronics from electromagnetic interference, the plastic enclosures can be EMC coated. We use the coating with copper conductive lacquer or an aluminum vaporization.

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If you would like to have your company logo or inscription on the enclosure, this is no problem. We print the enclosures for you using pad printing or screen printing processes. For motifs with detailed color gradient we use digital printing on a front foil.

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Engraving and laser marking

Do you need case labeling for harsh environments? Then engraving or laser marking is just the right thing. The engraving can be covered with color afterwards.

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Procurement of components

As a full-range supplier of enclosure solutions, it is part of our standard to also procure components that we assemble for you. Send us a parts list and you will receive a ready assembled enclosure.


Our assembly department is equipped to deliver the enclosures ready assembled. Terminal blocks and cable glands of common manufacturers are available from stock. However, we will procure any desired component to provide you with an uncomplicated full service.

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Packaging and logistics

Tell us how you want your enclosures packaged. Bulk packed for quick further processing at your site or individually packed in protective foil or customer final packaging. We also offer the option of labeling with your part number or serial number.

Your contact person

Are you interested in our handheld enclosures? Please send us your draft or STEP file to get a quote. We happily present to you our services.

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